There are many grant programs out there in the abyss offering funding for projects such as new sporting programs, facility developments, volunteer training, planning, accreditation courses, equipment and events.  The challenge is firstly to know about them and secondly to be able to submit a quality application that will be successful.



“We have gained almost $1,000,000 in grant funding for sport and recreation clubs”



Sporting Advantage can write a quality grant application that will give your organisation every possible chance to successfully rake in the big bucks for your next project.  Although we can’t guarantee you’ll be successful, we can commit the time to ensure we comprehensively meet all program requirements.



Grants Writing for Sport, Book Cover


Buy ‘Grants Writing for Sport’ and write your own grant applications like a professional




Given how oversubscribed and competitive many grants programs are, you need to ensure every i is dotted and every t crossed, which means Sporting Advantage could be the difference between ‘congratulations’ or ‘sorry’



Our Grant Writing Successes

  • $300,000 for Townsville City Netball Association to develop new synpave courts
  • $280,500 for Brothers Junior Rugby League Club to develop new fields in Townsville
  • $138,600 for Mackay Junior Rugby League Association to develop new fields
  • $26,870 for Tennis Townsville to install new court fencing
  • $11,590 for Townsville City Netball Association to install solar panelling and solar heat pump
  • $10,000 for Townsville City Netball Association to construct a storage facility
  • $15,000 for umpire, coach, referee and first aid accreditation and training
  • $5,000 for sports management training
  • $5,000 for introductory tennis programs
  • $90,000 for 19 different sporting clubs to develop strategic and operational plans
  • $17,000 for volunteer workshops and club committee training
  • $10,000 for new sporting programs



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