Writing Grants For You

To develop a comprehensive application for you, Sporting Advantage will:

  • Determine the eligibility of your project from program guidelines and available resources
  • Obtain a clear scope about what each project is about
  • Develop a template letter of support for your organisation to circulate
  • Identify the type of community consultation a project requires
  • Identify what community consultation needs to take place and what it should indicate
  • Liaise with government agencies and representatives for project support where required
  • Formulate a budget for projects
  • Assign timeframes, milestones and responsibilities to projects
  • Identify what supporting documents are required to be sourced
  • Develop appropriate responses to application questions
  • Complete the application in the required format
  • Ensure all required attachments are included with the application
  • Submit the application by the due date

2 Responses to Writing Grants For You

  1. Ian Fricke says:

    Hi Luke,
    We (Rebels FC) have been rather successful in obtaining grants in the past but after the big one now, $100k from Get Playing. What would your costs be in relation to putting a grant application together for us? All the leg work has been done with Council, builders, quotes, etc, just need someone to put it together. Because of our association with Greenwood Park Sporting Association, it will have to be under their name due to the lease of Greenwood Park. Cheers Ian

    • sptadvman says:

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks very much for you enquiry. You sound very organised, which certainly makes for a quality grant application. John from Rebels just gave me a call also, so I’ll email through a proposal and quote to write the application.