How good is your Governance?

Have you reviewed the governance standards at your club recently?  Governance is the system by which your club or association is controlled. It is about how your club or association manages its resources to good effect for both members and stakeholders.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has released new governance principles to improve the accountability of national sporting organisations. Chair of the ASC, John Wylie said recent events had confirmed that many sports needed to raise their governance standards significantly. Mr Wylie says “While good governance does not guarantee success, its absence almost certainly guarantees failure.”

Why is it important?

Good corporate governance is about planning, organisational performance and leadership._MG_4284 Why is it important? Because as a committee member you are responsible for the following:

  • The incorporated legal entity
  • Dealing with money
  • Dealing with members and stakeholders rights and expectations
  • Running events and sporting fixtures
  • Publishing a website, social media pages and newsletters
  • Owning, leasing or holding a licence to occupy property

Some questions you should be asking as a club:

  • Organisational Performance – Are you monitoring the performance of the club against performance targets to ensure the goals and objectives are achieved? You can utilise your strategic plan in order to assess where you are at with meeting your goals. It might be something you can include in each committee meeting, set aside 15 minutes per meeting to monitor the club’s progress.
  • Leadership – Do all of your committee members fully understand their responsibilities, as well as the key operational aspects of their club/association? Members of the committee should ensure that they have the best interests of members and stakeholders at the core of their decision making. Ensure that you have a detailed committee election process in your constitution and make this available to all members for their information.

Do you need help with governance?

If you require assistance reviewing the governance standards at your club Sporting Advantage are available to run a one day workshop to review your current situation and assist the club with implementing a new governance structure.


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