Council Sport and Recreation Planning

Planning within local Councils to meet the dynamic needs and constant evolution of sport and recreation is paramount.  Participation trends are constantly changing, which is resulting in a growing demand for your local Council to provide facilities and services for the community to be healthy and active in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

The Consultation

We feel that to deliver a positive sport and recreation plan for your region, the most important aspect of the process is effective community involvement and consultation.  Of course we’ll meet personally with all Council stakeholders, provide online and hard copy surveys for the community, promote our direct phone and email contact details, but Sporting Advantage will also share our knowledge through conducting community development workshops on topics such as health and fitness, volunteering and club development.

Call Luke to find out why engaging the community through different means will lead to better outcomes.

The Outcomes

After an exhaustive consultation process, we will present your Council with a sport and recreation plan that can include:

  • Council’s current sport and recreation situation
  • A summary of previous plans and their implementation
  • A comprehensive summary of your communities’ input
  • An overview of your community’s demographics
  • Sport and recreation trends nationally
  • The demand of existing and future sport and recreation needs
  • Council goals, targets and projects
  • Current and projected facility demand
  • Infrastructure gaps
  • Concept plans for facility developments
  • Identifying potential land requirements for future sport and recreation opportunities
  • Facility development, management and ongoing maintenance frameworks
  • Opportunities for sport and recreation service provision
  • Initiatives to create increased community participation programs
  • Opportunities to increase healthy eating and physical activity
  • Initiatives to encourage active living
  • Framework for the coordination, partnerships, promotion and sustainability of initiatives
  • Networking, support and resource opportunities for non profit sport, recreation and health related community organisations
  • Prioritisation of all projects
  • Action plans for delivering all projects, including resources, funding opportunities and recommended timeframes

The Implementation

For the plan to be adopted, supported and used by the community and Council, it must be promoted.  Sporting Advantage provides hard and electronic copies of the plan along with 1 page summary brochures that can conveniently be distributed throughout the community.  We can facilitate a presentation of the plan to Council, community and the media, to highlight the goals, targets and projects that will take your region’s sport and recreation facilities and programs into the future.

Does your Council Sport and Recreation Plan need updating?

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