Facility Master Planning

If you have grand ideas to upgrade your current sport and recreation facility or develop a new facility, then your first step needs to be to develop a facility master plan.  This will give you a clear indication of what the facility needs to incorporate, what it’s going to look like in the end and what needs to be done to turn the concept into reality.

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The Outcomes

After a lot of consultation and background research on our behalf, you will receive:

  • A clear, concise and professionally presented facility master plan
  • Identified priority projects, timeframes and stages
  • Architect drawn concept designs
  • Architect drawn site maps and aerial views
  • Hard copies of the plan (though we like trees, so not too many)
  • Electronic copies of the plan to distribute, update and distribute
  • 1 page glossy summary brochures of the plan that can be conveniently distributed
  • A presentation of the plan to all facility stakeholders that includes training on how to implement the projects
  • Sporting Advantage as a resource you can use at any time to ask for advice on implementing your plan’s projects

The Inclusions

Some of the obvious and less obvious aspects of your facility master plan include:

  • A comprehensive summary of all the consultation conducted
  • Research outcomes linking this plan to previous plans and studies
  • Future identified facility upgrades and developments
  • The history and current usage of the facility
  • Identified user groups
  • Opportunities for multi-use of specific facilities
  • Opportunities for future events
  • Processes of how to implement projects
  • Funding opportunities that exist
  • Actions to access funding
  • Facility management frameworks
  • Architectural drawings
  • Concept designs and layouts
  • Site maps
  • Population growth statistics
  • Physical activity and sport trends
  • Implementation strategies, actions, timeframes, responsibilities and resources to achieve the plan’s identified priorities

Have you got dreams of developing a new facility?

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