Strategic and Operational Club Development Planning

Developing a plan that identifies what your club wants to achieve now, this year and in future years will go a long way to ensuring your club will still exist to celebrate your 25th, 50th, 100th or even 150th year celebrations.  Without a plan, well let’s not go there…

A strategic and operational club development plan that Sporting Advantage can develop for your club is simple, clear and most importantly, useful.  We will help you to identify your club goals, specific projects and targets to achieve these goals.

Call Luke to find out what types of actions, resources and timeframes we include in your plan, that  volunteers can use and learn from.

The Outcomes

After a lot of work on our part, your club will be presented with:

  • A clear and concise plan that is easily understood and looks pretty
  • Comprehensive actions to implement the plan’s goals and targets
  • Hard copies of the plan (though we like trees, so not too many)
  • Electronic copies of the plan to distribute, update and distribute to volunteers
  • 1 page glossy summary brochures of the plan that can be conveniently distributed to all club members and stakeholders
  • A presentation of the plan to your club members and stakeholders that includes training on how to implement the actions
  • Sporting Advantage as a resource you can use at any time to ask for advice on implementing your plan’s projects

The Inclusions

There are lots of aspects we can include in your plan, depending on the priorities your club would like to focus on, for example:

  • The history and current situation of the club
  • Identification and prioritisation of future projects
  • Multi use community stakeholders
  • Processes of how to implement projects
  • Facility development opportunities
  • Funding, sponsorship and marketing opportunities
  • Strategies to increase income
  • Volunteer management frameworks
  • Volunteer position descriptions and roles
  • Participation growth strategies
  • Player development and pathway opportunities
  • Coach and administrator education opportunities
  • Communication strategies
  • Risk management strategies
  • Succession planning strategies

Could your club benefit from implementing a strategic and operational plan?

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