Conference Packages

Add a spark to your organisation’s next conference, corporate workshop or planning day through utilising Sporting Advantage’s energy and enthusiasm for facilitation.

Give Luke a call to gauge his enthusiasm to inject your conference with energy.

The Vibe

Creating a casual, entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere, we can extract the best out of your attendees to achieve your desired outcomes.

The Energy

We can implement a range of team building and ice breaking games that will take attendees just far enough out of their comfort zone to encourage constructive participation, without wasting valuable time.

The Education

The Energy Plus Presentation is a great way to break up the day, that will motivate everyone in the room to desire and strive for the benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

The Planning

If you’ve got your team together to plan for the future, Sporting Advantage has a unique knack for getting your team’s creative juices flowing, plotting your future goals and targets and motivating your team to implement and achieve.

Getting Home on Time

We will ensure that the workshop progresses efficiently, following your agenda and keeping on track, with the right combination of work, breaks and fun.

Did you need caffeine to stay awake in your last conference or planning workshop?

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