Gloat up the Goat

This was an exciting event held in Townsville, North Queensland in 2012.  It was a race from the bottom of the Castle Hill road, veering onto the Cutheringa ‘Goat Track’ to the top of the hill, then back down the road.

2012 Gloat up the Goat Fun



Placing Name Organisation Time
1 Tracey   Grubba SGS   Pty Ltd 25.34
2 Rebecca   Kent Townsville   Enterprise 28.30
3 Charlie   Morgan GHD 31.53
4 Amanda   Bate Mind   Body and Balance 33.46
5 Kelly   Thompson Active   8 33.46
6 Sarah   Wrigglesworth GHD 36.21
7 Kim   Greatorex GHD 42.06
8 Janelle   Poole The   Bad Habits 49.00
9 Danielle   Polleti The   Bad Habits 49.00


Placing Name Organisation Time
1 Brian   Pautler JCU 19.35
2 Lee   Kirby Lee   Kirby 19.41
3 Paul   Lemke AECOM 20.18
4 Markham Parker GHD 22.44
5 Lex   Baker GHD 23.51
6 Rod   Ward Townsville   Enterprise 24.16
7 Thomas   Gersekowski GHD 24.43
8 Tim   Graffen AECOM 25.05
9* Austin   Carter Austin   Carter 25.24
10 Russell   Gustavson Russel   Gustavson 27.36
11 Sean   Sperling Benchmark   Business Solutions 28.13
12 Mark   Kent Townsville   Enterprise 28.30
13 Rex   Goding SGS   Pty Ltd 28.38
14 Hamish   Carter Hamish   Carter 30.17
15 Steve   Scholefield Queensland   Country Credit Union 31.22
16 Anthony   Wilson SGS   Pty Ltd 32.54
17 Jim   Greatorex GHD 35.17
18 Stephen   Russell Stephen   Russell 35.43

* Won the junior division


The winner of both the men’s and women’s races received $200!  Everyone received a great participation pack that included a highly sought after NQ Corporate Carnival cap.

The Track

Race Details

You don’t have to be representing a business in the NQ Corporate Carnival, this event is open to anyone that would like to give it a go

The road will be closed from 6am to 9am

Whilst on the Goat Track, if a participant indicates they want to overtake you, you must move aside and allow them to do so.

It is also compulsory that when you get to the top of the Goat Track stairs, you do a Rock Balboa impersonation!

There will be a prize for the best dressed goat!

Are You a Personal Trainer or Fitness Centre?

Do you train the fittest clients in Townsville? Win the “Champion Training Business” perpetual cup in the Gloat up the Goat. Enter as many runners and walkers as you like. The Champion Fitness Business will be determined by a combination of team numbers and placings.

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