NQ Corporate Carnival 2010

The inaugural 2010 Games a Great Success

The first ever Sporting Advantage Games has now come and gone and was a huge success, with 250 people from 25 teams having a great time playing in the touch football, netball, volleyball and football 6’s competitions.

It was wonderful to see so many people playing and having a great time together. Everything went like a charm and we couldn’t have hoped for a better day. Businesses involved say they can’t wait for next years’ Games and are keen to challenge other businesses around North Queensland to get involved also.

GHD took the honours of being the most successful organisation of the Games, with their three teams playing in the touch football and volleyball grand finals and the football 6’s semi final. The GHD Jazz Flutes were victorious over the Sub-Media Rockstars in the touch football grand final 7-6, whilst the CitiBeach Crewzers ran away with the volleyball crown 49-33 over the GHD Veges. Ergon Energy Attack backed up their consistent form throughout the day, with a convincing 17-10 win in the netball grand final over the Uni Girls, whilst ALS Mineral’s Analyse This were edged out in a competitive Football 6’s grand final 1-0 by the strong and youthful JCU team of Western Courts.

Individual ‘Spirit of the Games’ awards were awarded to one player from each of the four sports who showcased a fun, good natured and super supportive attitude throughout the day. These great sports included Brittany Smith, a project officer from the GHD Veges in the volleyball, Casey Reynolds, an administration officer from Ergon Energy Attack in the netball, David Wallbank, a sample preparer from ALS Mineral’s Analyse This in the football 6’s and Shannon Orr, an engineer from the GHD Jazz Flutes in the touch football.

The Townsville Bulletin were impressive with 5 teams entered across all 4 sports. The support and cheering they provided to one another was one of the most appealing aspects of the Games. The bright orange AECOM touch footy team didn’t sit still all day, warming up at least an hour before each of their games. The netball competition saw a few men playing, whilst the football 6’s included a few women, which was great to see! A few teams were on the wrong side of pretty lopsided scorecards, only kicked a couple of goals or scored one try all day, but that didn’t matter, everyone left with a big smile on their face. From our perspective, it was obvious to see the positive team building effects in play between colleagues from all levels of organisations. As a result, there are sure to be many funny stories and tales of great feats being bandied around a lot of workplaces for a long time to come.

The fun wasn’t all on the field, with many taking the opportunity to test themselves on the Gladiator and Bungee Run games, enjoy the cheering of the Sirens Cheerleaders, chill to the tunes of the Lonesome Trio and cool off with a coldie or two.

Sporting Advantage would love to grow the Games in 2011, so with your help to spread the word, we’ll be aiming to involve many more businesses from throughout Townsville and North Queensland to join in what will be another great, fun event.

The Games were brought to life through the sponsorship support of local organisations, Sporting Advantage, Zinc 100.7, Struddys Sports, JCU Sport and Troy Williams The Good Guys, so please remember to support these guys where you can.

Media Reports

Here’s What the 2010 Participants Thought About the Games

This is an email we received in March 2011 that shows the effects the Games has on participants…

Hi Luke!
This is so weird receiving this email from you today … I had a dream last night about the Corporate Games, and that we were doing it again this year, but that this time, I was the star of the soccer team!! (VERY strange … can’t play soccer to save myself …!)
Yes, we are most DEFINITELY interested in putting together a Bully volleyball team again!
Keep us posted!

After the 2010 Sporting Advantage Games, we asked participants to provide feedback and ideas through an online survey. It was fantastic to analyse the results to find that the majority of participants had a lot of fun at the Games, will definitely be back in 2011 and will certainly be encouraging other colleagues, friends and families to be involved also.

Some of the random comments from the survey included:

  • I had an absolute ball! I thought it was an excellent day. I had heaps of fun playing and especially cheering on the other teams. Looking forward to next year. Well done!
  • I loved the Games. I had such a good time and I am encouraging my firm to enter into more sports next year!! Well done!
  • Great day enjoyed by all, looking forward to being a part of it next year and will drum up as much support as possible. Keep it going guys!
  • I definitely had a great day – very professional and well organised. Will definitely be pushing for a team to enter next year!
  • Photos were a brilliant idea and the fruit was also a brilliant idea. Well done – Ergon had a great time!!!!

2010 Ladder and Finals’ Results

Keen to see where your team finished after the preliminary rounds and how the finals panned out?

Touch Footy

Sub-Media Rockstars 3 0 21 1 20 12
GHD Jazz Flutes 3 0 28 10 18 12
AECOM 2 1 17 9 8 8
Bulletin Bears 2 1 14 8 6 8
Bulletin Bullets 2 1 11 8 3 8
Running Balances 0 2 1 5 17 -12 2
I4Architecture 0 2 1 6 20 -14 2
Vet Claws 0 3 12 18 -6 0
BCK 0 3 1 29 -28 0

Semi Final 1
Sub-Media Rockstars def Bulletin Bears 6-4

Semi Final 2
GHD Jazz Flutes def AECOM 6-1

Grant Final
GHD Jazz Flutes def Su-Media Rockstars 7-6


Energy Attack 3 0 47 19 28 12
Uni Girls 2 1 41 28 13 8
RTB 1 2 30 39 -9 4
Bulletin Beetroots 0 3 13 45 -32 0

Semi Final 1
Energy Attack def Bulletin Beetroots 23-5

Semi Final 2
Uni Girls def RTB 14-5

Grant Final– Energy Attack def Uni Girls 17-10

Football 6’s

Western Courts 3 0 13 1 12 12
Pim’s XI 1 1 1 2 1 1 6
Analyse This 1 1 1 7 7 0 6
The GHD Gladiators 3 3 3 0 6
Flanagan’s Phantoms 1 1 1 2 5 -3 6
Bulletin Bandits 0 3 2 12 -10 0

Semi Final 1
Western Courts def GHD Gladiators 4-0

Semi Final 2
Analyse This def Pim’s XI 2-1

Grant Final
Western Courts def Analyse This 1-0


CitiBeach Crewzers 3 0 176 82 94 12
The GHD Veges 3 0 175 91 84 12
Transformers 1 2 117 136 -19 4
The RPS Team 1 2 109 165 -56 4
Bulletin Ballers 1 2 105 164 -59 4
Coutts Redington 0 3 110 154 -44 0

Semi Final 1

CitiBeach Crewzers def The RPS Team 52-28

Semi Final 2
GHD Veges def Transformers 53-40

Grant Final
CitiBeach Crewzers def GHD Veges 49-33

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