Why Do Corporate Team Building?

Our People

The people working in our businesses are by far the most valuable asset we will ever acquire.  How much fun they have together as a team, their attitude towards each other, their motivation, enthusiasm and energy levels, how inspired they are to turn up every day with a willingness to do whatever it takes to do their job well, are absolutely vital factors in the productivity, performance and ultimately the success of your business.

The Benefits

Sporting Advantage can help you to support, reward, motivate and inspire your workplace through implementing a healthy and active team building program.  There are a multitude of proven benefits your business can extract.

Increase and Enhance Decrease
Productivity Employee turnover
Team morale Corporate health and medical costs
Colleague relationships Absenteeism
Personal employee gains Industrial injuries
Self confidence Afternoon lethargy
Energy levels Stress levels
Self esteem
Time management and efficiency
Quality and quantity of production
Corporate image
Chances of recruiting premium employees
Leadership development

See the Fun in Action

Return on Investment

A review of published corporate health program studies show:

  • There were $1.50 to $4.90 in benefits for every dollar spent on healthy workplace programs
  • Motorola’s wellness program provided $3.93 for every $1 invested
  • There was a reduction in lifestyle and behavioural claims at Northeast Utilities by $1,400,000 in the first 2 years of their well aware program
  • Caterpillar’s healthy balance program has been projected to result in long term savings of $700 million by 2015
  • Johnson & Johnson have produced average annual health care savings of $224.66 per employee through their health and wellness program

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  1. Looking at corporate team building options.

    • sptadvman says:

      Terrific Brooke! I’ll send you an email with some ideas and we can chat about what may work best for your team.

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