Council Sport and Recreation

Communities that are able to offer a range of quality sport and recreation opportunities will have a number of well run, sustainable sport and recreation organisations consisting of dedicated volunteers.

Give Luke a call to discuss specific topics that could develop your community sport and recreation clubs.

For your Council to maintain this standard, or work towards achieving this standard, Sporting Advantage can provide a series of community development workshops designed to teach new skills to sport and recreation club volunteers and educate individuals on health and fitness topics.

A 12 month series of 1-2 hour community development workshops could provide a different topic every month, targeting a different demographic of your community, as outlined below.  Funding through grants programs is readily available to provide a series such as this at no cost to the public.

Month Topic Targeting
January Exercise and nutrition for health and fat loss General public
February Grants writing Clubs and community groups
March Sponsorship, marketing and fundraising Clubs and community groups
April Resistance training for performance Clubs and general public
May Volunteer management Clubs and community groups
June Fitness training for performance Clubs and general public
July Event management Clubs, community groups and businesses
August Fitness testing Clubs and general public
September Risk and financial management Clubs and community groups
October Increasing workplace productivity with healthy team building Businesses
November Strategic planning Clubs, community groups and businesses
December Club administration and committee succession planning Clubs and community groups

Are you a remote or regional Council?  Sporting Advantage can conduct a series of workshops over a weekend from Friday night to Sunday afternoon to cover 6 different topics.

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