Large Sporting Organisations

Show the clubs affiliated with your organisation that you want to support and develop their capacity by providing a series of volunteer training workshops.

Call Luke to discuss the importance of your clubs having an Income Officer, Promotions Manager, Grants Writer, Volunteer Coordinator and an Event Manager

Different workshops can be offered at different times of your season, to provide your clubs with the most positive outcome.

Following is an example workshop series that runs over the course of an entire season offering a new topic every 2-4 weeks

Timeframe Targeting Topics
Pre season Committee, Income Officer and Promotions Manager Sponsorship, Marketing and Fundraising
Committee and Grants Writer Grants Writing
Committee Club Administration
Committee and Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer Management
During season Coaches, Trainers and Players Strength and Conditioning Training
Coaches, Trainers and Players Resistance Training
Coaches, Trainers and Players Fitness Training
Committee and Event Manager Event Management
Post season Committee and Members Strategic Planning
Committee Risk Management
Committee Succession Planning
Committee Financial Managemen

Do you have clubs in a remote or regional community?  Sporting Advantage can conduct a series of workshops over a weekend from Friday night to Sunday afternoon to cover 6 different topics.

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