Sporting Clubs

Lots of great information can be learnt from our workshops and presentations, however, we are now taking this one step further to provide an ‘on the job’ training and mentoring program for volunteers.

Give Luke a call to chat about how this new and personalised training program works.

Sporting Advantage will work with your club volunteers in specific roles over the course of 6-12 months to develop their skills and understanding of how to achieve the best possible outcomes.  We then become a resource you can tap into at any time of your season for advice, guidance and assistance.

We will develop volunteers with a specific skill base such as:

  • Sponsorship development, selling, servicing and reporting
  • Event planning and implementation
  • Strength and conditioning programming and periodisation
  • Volunteer recruitment methods, position descriptions and management
  • Promotion, media relationships and exposure
  • Club development planning and management
  • Grants writing
  • Sustainable club administration

Could you or someone in your club benefit from some one-on-one training?

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